Distinctive Financial Services helps individuals, families and small businesses develop their own financing system through the implementation of the Infinite Banking ConceptTM.

It's important to realize that we finance everything in life.  We either use other peoples money and pay them interest, or we use our own money and lose the ability for that money to earn interest.  We call that "Pay Up or Give Up."  With the Infinite Banking ConceptTM you create and control a pool of money that you, your family or your business can use to finance everything from day-to-day expenditures to large ticket items such as cars, vacations, college tuition or office equipment.

As the Golden Rule states; "Those who have the Gold makes the rules!"  When you control the pool of money you become both the borrower and lender, you benefit from interest charges and it allows you to accumulate capital and utilize capital at the same time.

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Suggested Reading:

R. Nelson Nash wrote his ground breaking book "Becoming Your Own Banker - The Infinite Banking Concept" in 2000.  Since that time there have been subsequent editions but the message remains the same; you build it, you own it, you make the profits.



Written by L. Carlos Lara and Robert P. Murphy, Ph.D., "How Privatized Banking Really Works"  is recommended by R. Nelson Nash as required reading by anyone interested in Becoming Your Own Banker.




In 2009, Pamela Yellen published "Bank On Yourself - The Life Changing Secret to Growing and Protecting Your Financial Future." In her book, Pamela revealed how the Infinite Banking Concept was implemented by thousands of people to meet their personal financing needs. 




Image result for bank on yourself revolution Pamela Yellen's follow up to her BOY, takes the journey deeper.


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